Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tonight's Surprise

A whirlwind day. Christmas parties galore. Exhausted. Fibro pain freaking out.

But after leaving hubster's work Christmas party, since I was only a few minutes away from a dear friend's house, I couldn't help but text her and see if she'd mind a sudden visit from yours truly.

Of course, being the wonderful lady she is, she graciously said "Come on over!"

And of course, I had every intention of staying no more than half an hour.

Sherah, Charlie, and Marty kept me entertained for a while, and after C was put to bed, I got almost an hour of one-on-one time alone with Sherah.

And I cannot even begin to tell you how badly I needed that. Even though I stayed for an hour and a half, I'm very thankful I did.

I left with a refreshed soul and renewed vigor.

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Carol said...

There's nothing like a friend you can trust and spill all. I'm so glad that you have that kind of friend. Being who you are, I'm sure you are the same kind of a friend. What a blessing to know you via the net.