Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Childhood Memories

The week after my Grandpa passed away in September, I spent some time going through old childhood memories at his house with my dad and other family members. We found a ton of old photos.

Here are just a few of the pictures that I found of my brother & I. Pardon the quality, I just took pictures of them instead of scanning them. It's a whole drama to get them scanned around here.

Yes, I admit laziness, don't judge me.

Behind Grandpa's house, no idea what age

School pics from 7th grade (me) and 10th grade (Tim, brother)

My cheerleading pic from 7th grade {and yes, after my perm...)

Sometimes it's hard to believe that's the same person. ;)

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Johnny Nguyen said...

You know dude we never realize how important it is to lose someone until they're gone, unfortunately for the majority of children at home due to the modern society and the young generation we do things that our parents don't do and we leave them at home so we can enjoy our lives. Looking back, I regret not showing much attention to my parents even still they're alive today we just don't talk that much and when we do I tell the truth about my parents that makes me cry or them cry. We need to open up with our parents the one that show us the world, that gave birth to us, raised us, etc I'm really sorry about your grandma. My grandma is alive until this day I believe she's near her 70's but she had memory loss :( Peace man.

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