Monday, January 9, 2012

Decorating Christmas Cookies

One of our favorite traditions is to join up with Brian & Monica to decorate Christmas cookies! Monica makes the sugar cookies and cuts them out prior to our arrival, and after hanging out for a bit we get started!

This year the fun took place on December 10th. So yes, I'm at least a month behind, and yes I'm still going to post about Christmas parties anyway. :) Enjoy!


hot chocolate. from scratch. yes please!!

dancing in the kitchen. love. despite blurry & cut off.

ready to go

look closely, my shirt above says "Girl GONE Hunting"
it does NOT say "Girl Hunting"

shut up.

Brian killed one of his bears. 
he was a bloody mess.

here Tim wonders what on earth I am doing.
I never said I was good at this, it's just fun!

for example, this is mine...

and this is Tim's...

yeah, I stink.
yay for silliness with friends!
{look closely at Tim's face here...}

when do we get to eat them?!

fun & yum!! what could be better?!

buddies Tim & Parker having a grand ole time!


We had soooo much fun and are so thankful for these friends!! Many of these pictures were taken by Brian and his awesome camera. The crappier pictures are mine. Just tell me they're snazzy anyway to make me feel better. :) 


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

The cookies came out so pretty and vibrant!

Totally laughed that you pointed out what your shirt said!

Rachel Jones said...

SO fun!! I think you decorate cookies like I do :)