Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fake or Real Christmas Tree?


Must. be. fake.

We both have allergies and I especially have a very unfortunate one to trees. I cannot be anywhere near a freshly watered tree without getting a stuffy nose, watery eyes, and sneezing a lot.

My mom graciously times it so her tree is just right when we get there, and I try not to sit too close to it, especially after she freshly waters it. Thankfully we have places we can hang out besides just being right by the tree.

We had a fake tree most of my growing up years, until late high school/college, and then mom started trying the real thing. I loved it!!

Then I got married & moved to Chicago.

And got allergic to everything.

So now, sadly, every year it's always a fake tree. But the special part is I can leave it up for as long as I want to!

No pine needles, watering, or messy clean-up. Just back in the storage container for next year.

Sure it might be flatter, older, and sadder-looking, but it's sneeze-less!

Which kind of tree do you have?

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