Sunday, April 22, 2012


A very special man was born 35 years ago two weeks ago yesterday.

I'm sorry this post took so long - but we were trying to get a picture off our camera that just refused to cooperate, so alas, I give up.

Below is one of my favorite pictures of Tim from our vacation last May, this one was taken at Manhattan Beach, a suburb just south of LA.

On Tim's birthday, I made him a special breakfast with a few of his favorite things. Blueberry muffins, bacon, and scrambled eggs. I took a gorgeous picture of it too. Stupid camera. It was a lovely breakfast. 

We spent the day cleaning, prepping food for Easter Sunday, and hanging out together. Tim isn't big on celebrating or parties, so it was just us, and that was perfect!

We watched the movie Warrior, highly recommended by some friends, and we really enjoyed it! Ironically, I loved it more than Tim did, but it really surprised us both. It's intense, but an incredible story of two brothers who end up fighting for the MMA {mixed martial arts} championship. The fighting is good and done really well, but the story behind it all is what really makes the movie. Thanks Don & Sara for the great recommendation!

The next day, Easter Sunday, we sang Happy Birthday to him, with his family surrounding him and nephew Ashdyn on his lap. It was a beautiful thing.

Natalie & Ashdyn wanted to help blow out the candles, so Tim started to count "3-2-1" for them to blow at the same time. Natalie was sooo excited she went as soon as Tim said "3". Despite him not getting to actually blow out his own candles ;) it was really fun and cute!

I'm so thankful this wonderful man was born 35 years ago, and that I've had the privilege of knowing him for the past 14 years.

I love you like crazy honey!!

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Rachel Jones said...

Awww happy birthday Tim!!! Sounds like a lovely breakfast and we loves warrior too! Would a combo of intense and emotional!!