Friday, May 4, 2012

The Avengers Movie Review

We originally took today off to go see The Avengers last night at 12:01 as it finally opened in theatres. But we are getting older... and we wimped out, and instead went to the 9 a.m. showing today.

I admit, I was pretty stoked as we entered the theatre!

And it even exceeded our expectations -- it was SOOOOO good!!

The Avengers is not only really well done with incredible special effects, in my opinion, it is also the must-see movie of the Spring!

Yes, I said it. It's much better than The Hunger Games.

{Although yes, that was a really good movie too, in its own right... review of that still to come.}

It's HILARIOUS, surprisingly delightful, has some romantic comedy, and the avengers definitely avenge.

And, you get to see Thor in action again.

Really, need I say more ladies?!?!

In my own defense, my husband took this picture and specifically zoomed in on Thor, with me having said absolutely nothing about it. On the flip side, I should have taken a picture of him with Black Widow, LOL!

Now, trust me, go see The Avengers!


I'm Sydney. said...

haha I was going to see it on opening night too but decided to sleep. I'm seeing it this weekend and I can't wait!
(and my little sister has the BIGGEST crush on Thor and Captain America. It's so cute.)

Matt Steiner said...

I was surprised at how well Avengers tuned into that real comic book feel .. this one may be worth watching in more than once!