Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Josh's Personality

it wasn't just a joy to be a part of nephew Josh's 1st birthday party weekend before last, but it was also a huge joy to start really seeing his personality shine!

sooooo hot!! it was 90 degrees and his parents a/c wasn't working. bleh.
outside it was! thankful for the breeze & shade!

crawling - especially over stuff like crahhzy!

loveeees Grandma to death - she does babysit him 3-4x a week after all!

this is my absolute favorite personality picture of him. 
he did this several times where he'd talk to the ball, look at it questioningly, twist his arm around, and make some funny little noises that i totally can't describe, but it was an absolute hoot!! 
and a definite shining personality moment.

as he waited... and waited... and waited for people to figure out how to light his birthday cake candle while the wind kept blowing it out, he let out some screams. and then just sat back, sighed, and made this pose: like "come on people, it's not that hard!!"

stuffing his face with cake - my kind of kid!!

very sweet moment shared with 5-year-old sis Cayley

the 3 kiddos :)

"oooo lemme share my icing with the camera!"

heeeheehee - so cute!

"sand? toys? i'm king of the world!!!

sand-hand sharing with Uncle Tim

walking with Grandpa while Uncle Tim looks on

Uncle Tim & Josh fell in love over that weekend

and they had a total blast running together!!

love :)

love, love, love that kid. 
sure wish we could see him more often, but since we can't, his birthday was one very, very special weekend!!!!

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