Saturday, May 12, 2012

Little Boys & Fire Trucks

Last weekend we had a big family birthday party as our nephew Josh turned 1.
He opened the fire truck we got him first. It makes siren noises when you press down on the lights, and he got SUCH a kick out of it!

He kept trying to play with the truck while his mom kept trying to have him interested in the other gifts, so his mom & sister would move it away a little, and he'd just turn and find it again! It was hysterical.


Given his up-til-now stranger issues {yes, including us} and that we hadn't been around him much as he grew these last 6 months into his sweet, spunky, hilarious personality... watching him laugh like this blessed my heart and tickled my funny bone more than I can even express. It was delightful

Cayley just couldn't believe Josh's insistence on getting that fire truck every time she tried turning him toward mom and the other gifts. Here you can see she was just not even sure what to do anymore as she smacked herself on the head and sighed "Oh Joshy!!!"

All of us were eating it up and surrounding him with cameras - my brother and niece Olivia both have cameras here trying to capture more of Josh's little laughs. 

They finally got him away from the truck in time to get the "I'm a John Deere kid" hat on him that his grandparents brought to him from their farm in Indiana. So cute!

And then right back to that fire truck!! Really made my heart leap for joy! :)

And my brother finally cave and get it out of the box!

Finally after a while, Josh moved over and enjoyed the paper remnants.... 

We are so thankful for this sweet little addition to our family and the chance to really get to know him, love on him, and enjoy time with him last weekend!

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Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

That is incredibly adorable! You sure know how to pick the right gift.