Thursday, September 20, 2012

Focusing on the Positives

Tonight I visited our local library after work and walked to the park and riverfront that's just beside/behind the library.

As I continue my 45-minute each way, each day commute that's just getting worse and worse as more cars seem to be on the road and crazier drivers try to run people over or go so slowly that you'd like to run them over... I was grateful that God lead me here.

My heart needed the peace and calm of the river tonight. A beautiful reminder of why I love the city we live in, and that there are still so many good things about us living where we do.

I'm working hard at focusing on the positives lately.

It's all that's keeping me sane....

Of course, that's also easier on a day like today when I met a good friend for lunch and got good snuggle time with her 1-month old baby. Below I'm rocking out with sweet baby Noah. I love him. I could totally do this all day.


Isn't he soooo sweet?!!?! Oh. You have no idea. He's got me wrapped around his little finger already, no joke.

On the flip side of that [because I had to give Noah back despite my resistance], we get to hang out ALL weekend with our 3-year old buddy Parker as he comes to stay with us! Woot woot!!!

Yes, we might be slightly crazy....

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Rachel Jones said...

Awww, love!!
Love that pic & so fun to have lunch with you!!
Great pics from your walk by the river too - encouraged by your positive outlook and on your marriage post too. It's so hard but in God's strength we can get thru each season: the good and bad. <3