Monday, May 6, 2013

Excitement Setting In .... Finally!

Oh you guys... I cannot believe how excited I am now!!

Things just finally are starting to feel a bit more normal and squared away. I'm at peace with our decisions and plans as they continue to finally get organized and settled.

And I'm so beyond excited to finally meet our SON!!!!

I'm still in shock somedays. Amazed that this is really happening. To us. Finally. Now.

8 weeks left.

A breastfeeding class and two childbirth classes down. Electively decided to take a newborn care class and an infant CPR class, yet to come.

Two showers down, two to go. One surprise mini-shower just with my Bible study/small group girls down as well.

Feeling so blessed and amazed. Blown away by the generosity surrounding me.

Wishing I'd handled parts of this pregnancy with more grace and humility. But generally thankful for each moment, each day of new mercies granted me, each teachable circumstance, each lesson I've learned, each friend I've grown closer to in the midst of hardships, and each time I've learned to let things roll off my back.

Thankful. After knowing several people who have recently lost their babies. Keeping all things in perspective. Still trusting that no matter what happens and if something goes wrong between now and then or at birth, that God still has this. That he's in control. That he's known from the beginning of time when our son would come into this world and how healthy he would or wouldn't be. So grateful for God's promises and assurances.

Praising God for a friend who just told me she's pregnant after years of infertility and endometriosis. Heartbreak and pain. But still trusting God through it all and whatever plan he had for them... and then POOF! Surprised to learn that she's pregnant. What a HUGE blessing and miracle!

And the grace he gives us in the midst of heartache so deep we don't know if we can crawl back out of it.

I'm truly amazed at God's goodness and faithfulness to us all. Deeply feeling the words of Luke 1:45 today. Can't believe I'm coming up on my first ever Mother's Day that won't have me avoiding church or crippled in my church seat because I'm sobbing so hard to not be one of those moms standing up.

Here I am at 31 weeks! He's a growin'!!! :)

So excited!!!!!!!!! :)

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Rachel Jones said...

yay!!! so excited for you - cannot believe you are getting so close! Praising God for your little man <3 <3