Saturday, August 31, 2013

10 Week Baby Update

What he's been up to lately:

Loves sitting up (with our help--or as in the above picture, with his pediatrician's help) and looking around at his world
Starts sort of batting at toys though we don't think he really realizes what he's doing
Sucks his thumb when he can manage to get ahold of it, and sometimes just shoves his fist in his mouth the best he can (it doesn't all get in there)
Cracks us up with his talkative cooing and various sounds
Smiles a lot more
We've heard a couple of little laughs
He loves going to the mailbox every night with daddy
He enjoys his baths now and gets mad when they're over
Still a very eager eater
Been around people since day 1 so still switches from person to person just fine (daycare, church nursery, friends, coworkers, etc)
Doing lots better but still strains and has some mild gas
Drooling and bubbling, so teething is well on its way
Kicks and kicks now
Still startles himself and it's hilarious to watch
Literally has the most adorable sneezes
Has such a hilarious "I'm annoyed" cry
Loves to hear his own voice
Loves to connect eye contact with us and talk/smile
Falls asleep almost without fail in his carseat
Has started wanting less of the pacifier
Doesn't enjoy his play gym/mat as much as he did originally
Is very much into his bedtime routine
Is pretty much out of his 0-3 month clothes, unless they're made abnormally larger/longer
Still has the most precious, round dark blue eyes that are the widest when eating

Had his 2-month check-up at the doctor this week.
Weighs 12 lbs 5 oz now. In the 39th%.
He's 23.5 inches long. In the 59th%.
His head is 15 3/4 cm around. In like the 70th%. Eesh.
Got his first set of vaccinations. Definitely not a fan of needles (who is?!) but all things considered, he did well. I was a mix of wanting to cry for him and also laugh just because compared to all he's already gone through in his short life, this was a piece of cake!

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