Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Sprinkle Baby Shower

You all have heard me speak of my dearest friend Monica. This past October, a few of us ladies set aside a Saturday to treat Monica to a special shower. She has two boys and with this being her first girl, we wanted to celebrate and give her pink things, frills, bows, etc. 

After a long, trying pregnancy, challenges around every corner, and labor signs for over a month, Monica's body has been done with pregnancy seemingly for a while now. But baby wasn't ready to come out until this morning!! For the first time in 3 pregnancies, baby girl Avery was born 5 days past her due date {the boys were both born about a week before their due dates}. 

We are SOOOO thrilled for this great family that their baby girl is finally here! In honor of that, I thought it was high time I posted these pics that I've had sitting in a draft post for over a month!

We had to have an elaborate amount of pink, of course!! Pinterest decoration ideas here and here.

And what better than some delicious girly food?!

My homemade cherry coffee cake, and apple cider donuts that I bought fresh from a local farm.

Sarah's crustini

Sarah's veggies, pita chips, and hummus

Annie's fruit kabobs

My sausage & egg breakfast bake

Our coffee barista & hostess extraordinare for the day, Sherah!

Our replacement of a game was to stuff and ice our own cupcakes. Thanks for the idea Pinterest! Sherah did a fabulous job making the cupcakes, even making special ones for our vegan friend Sarah, made some homemade whipped cream, and colored the icing. Sherah also found this thing that pushes down the middle of the cupcake so you can easily fill it with pudding or icing, kind of like a donut. It was delightful!!

Sherah included these precious favor boxes so we could take our cupcakes with us if we didn't want to eat them there. So great!

We all had so much fun!

I gave the devotional. It was so special to me to have been asked. I was nervous, but it went well and Monica said it was precious for her too. That's all I needed to know. :) Just wanted to encourage and give honor to God.

Annie utilized this idea I'd found on Pinterest and made it her own. It was SO special!! We all wrote down wishes for baby and favorite Bible verses for Monica's encouragement. Annie then collected them all into a little scrapbook of sorts that she tied together right there on the spot. Perfect!

Writing and thinking...

Annie had also sent the idea to Monica's mom and sister. She received their letters and then included those in the book. We also read a couple of them aloud to Monica on their behalf. It was really special. So glad she thought to do this!!

Another decoration idea from Pinterest - kind of.

Then it was time for gifts!

We all had so much fun at Monica's intimate baby girl shower, and we are so thankful for the gifts of all of these girls!

Monica & Heather

Sarah & Monica
Annie & Monica
Monica & ... who is that??
Monica & shower-idea-hostess Sherah
So many ladies were there with us in spirit. There was so much already going on that weekend, not everyone who wanted to could make it. But it was a very sweet, special time for us to shower love onto Monica & Avery, and we all came away feeling blessed.

We love you, friend! And we are sooooo glad baby Avery is finally here!!!!

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Rachel Jones said...

Thanks for posting this - wish I could have been there. These are great pics and everything looked so special! you are such a good friend!! xoxo