Friday, June 13, 2014

Attempt at Some Fibromyalgia Treatment

Several weeks ago, Elijah & I started seeing an all-natural, holistic chiropractor.

I hadn't been to this particular chiropractor in about 5 years, and when I had gone to him it was only a few times.

But I have dear friends who go there and swear by his treatments, and I ended up going back out of sheer desperation to build Elijah's immune support. This chiro has incredible ways of treating people {different than any other chiropractor I've ever heard of, in the ways he does things...}.

And I'm liking him and his treatments better this time! But it's still a 45 minute - 1 hour drive each way. Arg.

Right now, it's worth it. Not only is he targeting our immune systems, he is also working to rid my body of chronic fatigue, and ultimately Fibromyalgia.


Yep, you heard right.

But it is not an easy process.

When we're in his office, he has unique ways of finding what parts of me are problematic and what he needs to most target at that time, and what supplements to give me, slowly increasing to now about 25 pills a day! {Have I ever mentioned how much I hate pills?! And that's on top of my already 7 pills of medications a day - gah!} He does some adjustments or therapy, targeting my worst areas, and making me feel immediately better. Later that night, the crushing fatigue inevitably always hits. Hard.

Both of our immune systems have gotten better... as long as I remember to actually give ourselves the supplements we're supposed to be taking! He has a liquid herbal supplement for his immune support that smells like Thyme and Sage, and he really likes it. But he's choked on it several times, once to a scary degree and he nearly stopped breathing. So the doc talked me through options when we were there a couple days ago, and I hope to get Elijah back on track soon. But gratefully he's doing really well with the treatments and is feeling great right now!

And for me to really get better, I need to regularly take these pills. Which are not always easy to swallow. And there are so many.

I need to do this. But the discouraging thing is this:

It gets way worse before it gets better.

My pain & fatigue levels lately have been astronomical. Terrible. The fatigue has been crushing. The numbness and tingling in my hands has been brutal. I fight through it all. I push. I have to. I'm a mom now, there's no real down time. Especially as we plan his 1st birthday party in 2 weeks {can you believe it?? - we can't!!}.

The worst part about the treatment? Major itching up and down my forearms. Major. Like I could claw my arms off!! I want to scratch every moment of the day. They're raw and gross and painful. Like a million little needles are poking me from the inside out {ohhh the pain} and making me itch at the same time.

It's so discouraging that it's hard to push through the treatment and feel the reward. But the biggest reward right now is that it has naturally lowered my blood pressure. Which is fantastic {!!!}. That doesn't make it easier to process that I feel worse, but it helps because that's a big deal for me. It's just easy to forget when I need to take more pills again or when I feel like clawing my arms off.

So it's a process right now. A long and uneasy one. A process that may be tough to fully stick with because of the drive, because of money, and because it's just plain hard.

But as I said, Elijah has done great with his treatments and is on a good stretch right now of not being sick. Which we are so thankful for and pray it continues!! Especially for his party. If he's sick at the time his party hits, I will be devastated.

Because 1st birthday party planning is stressful, yo.

But I'm also super excited to celebrate with family and close friends our baby's 1st year!! Though he won't remember and we aren't really doing it for him, we are really, really looking forward to it.

I will continue to keep you posted on how this treatment works for me. I'm hopeful. But it's going to be draining, challenging, exhausting, and really tough. I pray I can keep fighting through it enough to make it feel completely worth it in the end.

Not having Fibromyalgia would be phenomenal. But it's really hard to picture that actually happening.

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