Tuesday, July 1, 2014

One Year Old

We are in shock and awe that we have a one year old. 

Despite doing all that we can to soak it in and savor the moments, it still goes by unbelievably fast. Because no matter who you are, there are the super hard days you just try to survive. There are weeks that go by at a snail's pace when all is chaotic and seems to be falling apart. The good weeks zoom past in a flurry of fun activity. And before you know it, there goes another month and then a year.

The saying really is true... the days and the weeks are slow, but the years fly by.

So let me tell you about our unbelievable 1-year old.

He's fun and funny. He's so smart, a problem solver already, loves to give high-fives, and is trying to walk but isn't sure of himself enough to let go much yet. If he's on his own, it's never been more than 5 seconds {until today and it's been more like 10-15 seconds!}. He has yet to go from sitting to standing without holding onto anything, but he's getting closer!

He babbles a lot, and while it sounds more and more like words, there aren't any words quite yet except mama and dada. We've wondered if we've heard hi, all done, more, Lijah, and uh oh. But it's only slight and probably our imaginations hoping he's starting to say words. It's amazing how on-the-edge-of-your-seat you become about how your child is or isn't developing at a certain rate! The statistics out there and comparisons with others do not help. We are learning to relax and take it all in stride. :)

When Elijah turned 1, someone flipped a switch and he went crazy. He's growing some molars. Like maybe all of them. And is acting crazy. He's throwing massive fits that are totally unlike him. Or... unlike him as a baby. We don't know what we're in for, but it's been interesting in our home the past week and a half.

He's usually a lot of fun, but the past week and a half he's also had quite a bit of seriousness. He rarely smiled or giggled at his party, though we know he was enjoying it {until about two hours in, he hit that point of must. nap. now... and he still wasn't able to nap for another 1.5 hrs!}.

  • balls, spoons, anything he can make a loud noises with or chew on {he puts everything in his mouth, promptly}
  • his "lambie" {a soft, snuggly lamb that plays Jesus Loves Me}
  • standing
  • walking with us leading him or by pushing a box or bin or chair
  • reading {aka, me reading, him chewing the book}
  • eating paper or plastic whenever he can get his hands on it
  • playing peek-a-boo
  • he loves being the one to hold something up in front of him and then have us ask "Where'd Elijah go?!" and then he pulls it down and squeals as we shout "there he is!"
  • eating Puffs, Cheerios, Yogurt Melts, bread/bagels/tortillas, pancakes/waffles, crackers, yogurt, beef, chicken nuggets {not plain chicken}, sweet potato fries, french fries, & anything that doesn't have a weird texture or isn't slimy 
  • when daddy comes home
  • fish faces or snorting faces
  • baths
  • friends, people
  • turning his head away to things he doesn't like
  • clapping or swinging his arms around when excited
  • giving high-fives
  • signing "more" or "please"
  • moving, moving, moving, playing, playing, playing
  • snuggles when the moment is right ;) 
  • daycare & church nursery
  • any water play
  • outdoors 
  • being startled
  • things being taken away from him or him being taken from things
  • diaper changes 
  • eating anything slimy or that has a weird texture, so no peaches, pears, watermelon, mandarin oranges, chicken, beans, etc. {though we certainly keep trying!!}
  • being taken out of the bath
  • learning that "no" has consequences when ignored
We are trying to switch him to milk but he's not a fan yet. He enjoyed it the first time and that was it. We'll get there eventually. He's practiced and done well with sippy cups and water, so it's just cold whole milk that we need to get him used to. We're slowly mixing it with his formula one ounce at a time.

Feeding him has become a big challenge for me. I'm sure we'll figure it out soon! I hope. ;)

Happy one year, bubba! Mama and dada love you more than words can say!!! We are so proud of you and enjoyed so much giving you a party & honoring you with those we love!

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Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Happy birthdays to both of you!!! I can't believe it's already been a year. He is so precious and completely adorable. :)