Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall TV 2014

Fall TV goodness has begun, woot!!

image credit: CBS

My favorite new shows are Madam Secretary {CBS: Sundays at 7 pm CST or after 60 Minutes when football runs long} and Scorpion {CBS: Mondays at 8 pm CST}.

My least favorite new show is Gotham. I'm trying to like it. I'm watching it because hubby likes it. Its premise is intriguing, but it's to me so far it's dark and depressing and gross.

We ended up deciding not to watch NCIS: New Orleans because well, it just wasn't pulling us in enough and we have plenty to watch. We want to try to watch The Flash but we'll see how it goes once it premieres next week.

We LOVED Chicago Fire. It was the premiere that I was the most looking forward to. That show always has me gripped and on edge and cheering and booing. It's the best little roller coaster ride and I love it! Some compare it to E.R., but I like this one so much better, the characters are more interesting and it's much more exciting and uplifting I think. Plus, it's in Chicago. Hello.

We continue with all our favorites and catch up late at night and on weekends:
Big Bang Theory, NCIS:LA, NCIS, New Girl, Shield, Person of Interest, Arrow {premiering next week}, Chicago PD, The Millers {premiering 10/30}, Elementary, (premiering 10/30}, Amazing Race, Hawaii Five-O, and Blue Bloods.

What are you enjoying this season?? What new shows are you trying and liking or not liking?


Christina T said...

I tried Gotham and I don't think I will keep watching it. I liked it a little but it was very dark. Arrow can be dark but I like the characters. I am planning to try The Flash too but I'm not sure I'll like it. I've never seen Elementary but I love Sherlock. Too bad we have to wait till 2016 for the next season.

I am enjoying season 4 of Once Upon a Time.I like how hopeful that show is and how the villains even get a second (or third) chance. I've been watching Dancing With the Stars too but I think I am getting tired of it after all these seasons. I watched last season because Candace Cameron Bure was on.

Anonymous said...

You are missing out on NCIS: New Orleans!! It's a great show. I love it. But, it is YOUR loss though.

Nashville is a great show that I love! You should check that out. Its Wednesday nights on ABC.

I'm watching Dancing with the Stars this season & voting for Sadie Robertson and her partner Mark Ballas.

The only reason I'm watching Amazing Race is because Bethany Hamilton and her husband is on.