Friday, October 10, 2014

Home for 11 Years

Photo credit: Unknown. Just wanted to clarify it wasn't taken by us,
but by the previous owner's realtor when we bought the house.

This little place. 
This place we have called home for 11 years now. 
This place with all the memories.
This place with the long commutes to work,
but more space than we could afford close to work.
This place with its 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a full finished basement,
a spare room we made into an exercise room, a wood-burning stove, 
two car garage, a backyard that leads into the park behind our house,
and a quiet neighborhood that while we've had irritants, has been utterly safe.

This place that went through significant neighborhood changes 
just one year after we bought it. 
Land was sold next to us and the house by us was torn down to its roots, 
and two houses were built where previously there'd only been trees.
This place where we live at the top of a hill and rarely had to worry about flooding.

This place that is less than 15 minutes from our church. 
This place that is less than 5 minutes from good friends who could be here
quickly in case of an emergency.
This place that is near the best bike trail, petting zoo, and walking paths around!
This place that gets me to LL Bean and Cabela's in under 15 minutes.
This place that allows us to get to our favorite mall in 15 minutes, 
to Tim's mom's in under 30, to Walgreens in 2, 
Dairy Queen in 1, and Target in 7. 
Because, hello, priorities!

This place where we both got different cars.
This place where I sobbed and cried out to God in desperation
when we found out about my illness symptoms, was tested
out the wazoo, and eventually where I came home after finding
out for sure that I had Fibromyalgia.

This place... a place of refuge, safety, and some days... confusion and loneliness.

This place where we got to talk to families struggling
with infertility and beginning adoption, 
wondering if we might someday be on the same course.

This place where, after years of trying and struggling, 
we finally brought our sweet baby home. 
After 11 days in the NICU.
Where we entered over that threshold with fear and trepidation.
And much rejoicing.

This place where we were scared. 
This place where we got the call that Tim's dad had passed away
and we sobbed.
This place where we found out about all of our grandparent's deaths.

This place where we argued a lot and found out the
real meanings of "for better, for worse, for richer, 
for poorer, in sickness and in health".
This place where we felt God's goodness and grace,
and his sovereignty over the overwhelming, sad, 
and hard parts of life.

This place where we became a family.
This place we've shared with so many family and friends.
This place where people met Elijah for the first time. 

This place where love was shared, tears were shed, laughter was abounding, 
grace was given, fights were hard, God was glorified, deaths were wept over, 
voices were raised, whispers were given, prayers were constant, songs were sung,
and God's love for us and our son was ever-present.

11 years of sweet memories.
All the better now with a little one's voice echoing through the hallways.
And where we get to truly see God at work every day.
Through the eyes of a child.


Carol said...

I loved the tribute you gave your home. I haven't been on your site for a while but thought of you a little while ago and had to drop in. Hope all is well. I'm going to read backwards on your blog and catch up. I'm sure I will have some big smiles, prayers and more as I read your blogs. Have a great weekend.

Rochelle said...

Thanks Carol!! I've missed you. Glad you're back. :) I appreciate your kind words! How have you been?