Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another medicine switch

Well, my OBGYN does want to change my birth control prescription. She thinks that could be part of the problem. She reviewed my labs from my rheumo and described more for me what my thyroid issues are... really it's a "head-scratcher". My test results don't add up. My TSH is normal, perhaps slightly elevated but nothing to worry about. If anything because I'm overweight and don't have a good metabolism, that makes sense. However, my T3 levels were really elevated. For it to add up, it would mean my T3 levels would be low. Something about hormones and what not (she explained it well, I just can't remember all the medical-jargon). So it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. And basically it means I'm on the border-line for thyroid issues, but as to exactly which side of the border... they aren't sure.

She wants me on a higher dose of a birth control. She thinks with some of the fainting-type issues that maybe my body is ready to be adjusted a little... switch my estrogen levels and what not. So we'll see how that goes. I had them fax it to my mail-in prescription so it'll take at least 1-2 weeks before I see the pills. Oh what fun... my body is already messed up these days, switching another pill is just going to send it into spirals of confusion. I was feeling a little "off" today around lunchtime, but I'm not anemic or diabetic, but I was shaking and thought if I didn't eat soon I was going to be sick or faint. Ugh. So... I'm confused, my body is confused, and my doctors are scratching their heads.

Oh goody.

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