Monday, May 19, 2008

Pointing the finger

Do you ever catch yourself pointing the finger at someone else? I don't mean literally... just figuratively.

This morning I was utterly irritated with how many terrible drivers I ran into on the road. Drivers who were completely ignoring the rules of the road or just did not have a clue. I was cut off by one, pulled out in front of by another, stuck behind slow drivers pacing with the car next to them, and around multiple cars who never once used their turn signals. This frustrates me to no end, especially when it happens all at once. I'm okay with the slip-ups (because we all slip-up) but when it's one after another after another... I can't help but think everyone is just crazy! Plus we recently received a catalog from our car insurance company about how many Americans couldn't pass a drivers test now if it was given to them (without an opportunity to study) and about how distracted we all are. I was just reading that the other day, so it was at the forefront of my mind.

But have you ever thought these kinds of things, only to realize you're pointing the finger at others when you should be pointing it at yourself? See, I'm not always the best driver either. I try my best, but sometimes my commute is just too long and intolerable, and I just stop caring as much. I still feel like I'm safe, but I'm not as safe as I could be if my head was entirely in the game.

So, while this morning was very frustrating, God opened my eyes and showed me a nice reminder. That I need to look inside myself instead.

Matthew 7:1-5

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