Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yet another flood update

Our family continues to appreciate all your prayers for the flood victims and those evacuated or affected at all by the flooding throughout the Midwest.

The flooding that affects us the most is in the Quincy area along the Mississippi in West Central Illinois. I grew up just north of there and much of my mom's family still lives in the area. My aunt & uncle are still evacuated and at risk, but breathing a little easier. However, they are not out of the woods yet and still need many prayers throughout this week. Despite that the crest came at a lower height than originally expected, that doesn't mean they're in the clear. The pressure of the water up against a sand-made levee puts the levee at extreme risk. It's still high and right up on the levee, so until the water recedes to a point where it's no longer touching the levee, it's still a major concern. The more it recedes, the less likely it is to go into their house or by very much, but it could still affect many of their neighbors, as well as a lot of family farmland.

I received some pictures yesterday from a good friend. Her dad took these pictures sometime last week in Quincy. Comparing the pictures up next to some pictures from my mom & Jerry's wedding this past April makes everything more of a reality. Thank you to Wilbur Knotts Jr. for the flood pictures. The pictures basically go every other - the first is from the wedding week, followed by a flood picture, then another wedding week pic, then flood pic, etc. I just think it's amazing to look at them right next to each other and think about what it was like so recently... and now it's all under water.

Your continued prayers are appreciated.

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