Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary Today

As of right this minute, I have been married to my wonderful husband Tim for EIGHT years. At 2:00 pm Central Time, on June 24th, 2000, at Calvary Baptist Church in Quincy, Illinois... we became husband and wife.

That is so hard to believe! It amazes me how quickly time flies by. God has blessed us so abundantly.

Dearest Tim:

You are such an amazing, wonderful man and husband. I cherish and adore you so much. We have gone through a lot of trials throughout the years, but you've continued to stand by me with faithfulness. Your commitment to me has never waivered, despite my struggles with doubt sometimes. You love me despite all my faults, and I love you more with each passing day. Thank you for everything you've done for me, given to me, sacrificed for me, served me, and loved me. You are truly a blessing from God.


Photo (c) 2000 Lisa Wigoda Photography, Quincy, IL, used by permission.

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