Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My aunt's dog

My Aunt Robin's dog died last night. She was a beloved part of the family for many years. It made me gasp to hear about it and it brought tears to my eyes. Lexi was a sweet, gentle dog - a bit hyper when she was young and many of us didn't like her (I remember running into their house sometimes just to try to avoid her), but after she grew up she became a loveable and fun dog. She took many walks with her owners, and played with my mom's dog for years (they were neighbors). I remember feeling sorry for her these past few years as she has grown older and has had a harder time getting around. In some ways, it's a relief to my aunt & uncle not to have to worry about putting her to sleep... but in other ways it came as quite a surprise.

It is very sad to see the end of that era. It is easy to wish they could stay with us forever. It makes me think about my mom's beloved dog Bear who is very much a part of our family too, and it makes me sad to think about when she will pass away (Lexi & Bear grew up together and were fairly close in age). It also just reminds me of how precious each day is... whether it's spent with our family, friends, or pets, we need to savor each moment and every memory.

Here are some pictures of Lexi that I was able to dig up:

Chasing rocks in the creek... a favorite activity

Chasing sticks, along w/ mom's dog Bear, thrown by Tim... Taking a walk behind mom & Jerry...

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