Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Important Upcoming Bible and Book

This has been an interesting week for me. I'm utterly exhausted and fatigued, but God is so good to me. I'm struggling a little right now, but I'm soaking in God's Word and just trying to get through each day with God's strength pushing me on.

This past weekend was a good weekend for me with my mom & stepdad. I'll share more about that later. I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th weekend with your loved ones, and celebrating the amazing freedoms we have in this country!

I haven't shared much here about an upcoming Bible that I'm excited about, because I know a lot of people debate about translations. I hope you know by now that this is not the blog for that. I don't want to debate anything. I just want to give my input and you can take it or leave it. This fall a very important Bible is releasing. The ESV Study Bible is coming October 15th, 2008. You'll want to go to the ESV Study Bible website for more specific information. It has already pre-sold 100,000 copies, so you'll want to pre-order your copy now!! It's going to be so great!!! The Lord has worked powerfully through the ESV, released in the fall of 2001. The team working on the Study Bible is an amazing team. Please pray for all of those involved in working on it... for continued leading, wisdom, grace, sleep, and God's protection.

There's also an upcoming book that I know I'm really looking forward to reading. Typically I'm all for non-fiction books... sometimes others, but they have to be really good and worth my while. This is one NOT to miss in the Christian Living section!! Mark your calendars for when it releases, or pre-order a copy now. Please click here for more information and order a copy of James MacDonald's upcoming book, 10 Choices: A Proven Plan to Change Your Life Forever. Pastor James is someone I deeply respect and admire. He has served as the pastor of our church for nearly 20 years, with us attending there for nearly 8 of those years. He and his family are such a blessing to Harvest and all the people they come in contact with. I'm very blessed & privileged to be involved in the Walk in the Word radio ministry (James's teaching ministry). I cannot emphasize enough how important this book is, and that you will want it on your bookshelf.

Image taken from www.10choices.org.

Purchase your copy of the ESV Study Bible and 10 Choices now!

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