Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Tuesday

For this "Things I Like Tuesdays", I tried to play off the quirky theme a little from earlier. But I'm also tired and wanted to keep it pretty simple and quick.


I like pajamas that don't have buttons on them anywhere. I sleep on my stomach and those things can really hurt!


I like tan walls. I find them very comforting.


I found a new like in Stride Sweet Cinnamon gum now that I can never find Trident's Cinnamon gum in the stores anymore. [This pic is of the berry, but close enough.]


I love Creative Memories scrapbooking stuff.


I like snow. As long as it's not on the road or places I need to walk. Whenever we get a nice, big snow on the weekend and we don't have plans, and then it's off the roads and sidewalks, that's my favorite. It's so pretty on trees, bushes, etc. I wish it could land just specific places. ;)

Hope you enjoyed your Tuesday, remembering all the positives!

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