Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quirky Things

I've been tagged by another blog to list six quirky things about me. This has been an interesting challenge


I'm a farm girl at heart. Take me out of the city, and back to the farm, and there I feel at home. Every time we drive past those large cow farms that smell heavily of manure my husband grimaces, gags, and covers his nose. I breath in the fresh, country air and soak in a big whiff.


I love to hear babies cry. I think it's simply adorable. I cannot fully explain why.


I am obsessed with honey mustard sauce. When I was a kid, it was ketchup. Tim still gets grossed out seeing me put ketchup on eggs or potatoes. Ketchup can be pretty much any kind, but Huntz is my fav. Honey mustard I am picky about however. The kind I finally found that I love, they stopped selling at the grocery stores around me. So I looked it up online and started buying it direct from the manufacturer. I have to purchase 6 at a time to get them, but who cares. I'm stocked at least for a couple months.


I start packing for vacation or trips like 1-2 weeks ahead of time, especially the unusual ones (like a couple weeks ago to Rhode Island). I make lists, get it all planned out, pull out the suitcases, and make space on the edge of our dining room table and 3rd bedroom bed to start piling things I know I want to take on the trip in advance. I simply don't like to be rushed when it comes to packing... that's when I forget stuff.


Stains are attracted to me. They seem to find me no matter what. I have found some odd places on my clothes and I don't understand how a stain found its way there. I do tend to spill stuff very easily and usually someone else has to point it out to me. I don't buy nice clothes for this very reason... they go to waste all too fast.

I don't like most crust. I even pick off the edges of my pop tarts. I can't find pictures of this, so later if I'm able to take a picture of one, I'll add it on here.

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Photo 1: Copyright 2006 The New York Times Company
Photo 2: Unknown, found on google
Photo 3: Golding Farms
Photo 4: Fotosearch
Photo 5: Fotosearch


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

great pictures you chose hear girly!

i love the baby! priceless. although, i think i'd have to say, i'd rather look at a picture of a crying baby than hear one.

so, you're a farm girl, hah? i mean i always knew you grew up in rural area, but i did not know you were still there in heart.

fun to read some "quirky" thinks about you. i'm glad Monica tagged you.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

oops. i meant "chose HERE girly."

Monica Gee said...

I think you came up with a great list! :-)