Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mini-Vacation Hometown Fun

Wow, what a whirlwind of a weekend and how tremendously wonderful!!! I'll give you little snippets now and some pictures later.......

arrived Thurs night, chatted with mom & stepdad
read the Bible with and loved on my mommy
got up Fri morning, mom made my favorite homemade French toast
went to my cousin's house to catch up with her, her kids, and my aunt
had lunch with my mom at a cute little sandwich place
saw my nieces for a short time
went to a nearby beauty college for pedicures with mom and sis-in-law
had a BBQ at mom's house with bro, sis-in-law, and nieces
went to TCBY for ice cream and loved watching my nieces get so excited about it and make a mess with their chocolate ice cream and tons of sprinkles
Laughed together, chatted, and said good night
Woke up early Saturday to get a good start on garage sales, waited for the rain to subside
Went garage sale-ing with my mom and had a blast, bought a few neat things
Hung out at bro & sis-in-law's, dad arrived
Didn't feel well for about a half hour, wondered if it was a bit of heat exhaustion, rested and ate some crackers with lots of water
Went to the summer kick-off party at the library where nieces got face painting, tiger masks, bounced in a moon walk, pet some animals at the petting zoo, and so on... loads of fun!!
Played at the park with niece Olivia in the hot sun
{I picked a bad weekend... it was 80-90 the entire time there, and back at home it was 60-75. Good grief!! Normally the two are very close in temp, but not this time. 5 1/2 hrs away can make a big difference sometimes! I did not pack quite right, but I'm glad I got a spur-of-the-moment hair chop the night before the vaca. The heat certainly added a level of misery.}
Had pizza dinner with dad, bro, sis-in-law, and nieces followed by ice cream at TCBY, then dad left
Hung out with bro, sil, and nieces... took a long walk and loved their neighborhood (they've only lived there since early Feb), separated for a bit and got to talk to my brother alone for a bit and it was great
Got to help with bathtime, reading Bible story, prayers, and tucking the girls in
Chatted with bro and sil for a bit before bro took me back to mom & stepdad's so I had more time alone chatting with bro, it was great, I have so much respect & admiration for him and appreciate him so much
Briefly chatted with mom before bed and doing devos together
Got up early Sun to attend Sunday School with mom & stepdad at their church; helped in mom's class (she teaches 5-7 year old kids)
Drove quickly over to church my bro pastors to hear him preach
Met up with aunt & cousin in from Chicago (ironically we seem to only see each other when we're down there though!); and also Grandpa
All went to lunch together and had a blast
Went back to bro & sil's house to give tour to aunt & cousin and hang out; took family pics
Went to best friend's (Tracie) house to hang out for a couple hours
Went back to bro's church for evening service/community project
Tracie and I watched the kids... started regretting it a bit as a couple of the kids were a bit of a handful and we had them for about 2 hours... of which I spent much of the time changing my mind about ever wanting to have kids
Afterward, we rushed over to Fazoli's for some dinner since we neglected to realize the length of the evening would mean eating dinner around 9:30 ~ whoops
Got very little time with my mom that evening and was regretting it, but also felt my time with Tracie was a bit too short (we didn't have any uninterrupted time alone chatting except 10 minutes after dinner when Ben left and the kids were asleep)
Monday was mom day, finally :)
Had breakfast together and went to my 9:30 Fibromyalgia massage appointment
And very certainly RELAXINGGGGGGG
At noon mom had a meeting so I met up with my brother, sil, and nieces for lunch which was a lot of fun and really neat ~ Made me wish I could do it once a week or so with them... sooooo wonderful
Picked up mom and we spent about 3 hours sitting on their back deck watching the lake, the fish jumping, turtles, birds, squirrels, etc, in their little wilderness wonderland
It was so relaxing and nice to just sit and chat with her for a while

Then, sadly, my time came to an end
My bro, sil, nieces, mom & stepdad came to see me off
The girls got to see the inside of the train and it was the first time they got to see a train with people blowing its whistle and whisking me away
The young one, Cayley, thought it was absolutely hilarious ~ which is just adorable because it seems just like her :)
Olivia wasn't quite sure what to think
Jeremi (sil) thought it was harder/sadder to see me off on the train than the car
I thought that was so sweet ~ it was the best send-off I'd ever had

Jeremi & I both got teary-eyed ~ well, really, I totally lost it
I arrived in the suburbs late last night, hubster picked me up, and we got home near 10 pm
I arrived to 2 dozen red roses, a clean house with laundry and dishes done, and lots of catching up with hubster
He is THE BEST!! :)

I already really miss my family... missing them so terribly it hurts. But obviously it's good to be home too. I have been resting at home today, expecting a major Fibro flare-up and some depression, but so far I'm not doing too bad. I've gotten some things done around the house and have had a chance to sort through my thoughts/feelings about the trip. I'm glad I took the day off even though the flare didn't really happen.

I hope you're all doing well and had a great weekend.

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