Friday, June 12, 2009

A Pledge to My Readers

Some things have been happening lately in the blogosphere with some well-loved, well-read people. I love these gals, they're like my new long-lost best buds or something. I have the strongest connection with MckMama, whose wit and humor despite difficult circumstances continue to amaze and delight me. I just love the way she blogs, the appearance of her blog, her godliness, her sense of humor, her love of her kids and all things healthy (something for me to aspire to!), and the simple but lovely way she writes. Love it. Love her. Appreciate her blog & tweet friendship. I want to clone her and borrow her for shopping and experiencing life with IRL (in real life).

Except I don't think cloning is right.

And even though I'm not sure she knows who I am.


But I digress...

(That was for you MckMama. You're welcome.)

Back to what's been happening... and I'll try to keep this brief.

MckMama introduced me to a lovely lady with a wonderful blog that gave good insights about a difficult pregnancy and the possibility of losing that baby very soon. Without too much detail, I will just say that we were all (including MckMama) misled. It was all a total hoax. If you want to read all about it, go here and here. For those unfamiliar with the situation, all I ask is that you avoid bombarding MckMama's blog and commenting on it there, please do so here instead so that we can leave her in peace and let the situation quietly drop.

{Edited to add: I just read the Chicago Tribune article on this situation. It reminded me that I wanted to explain what happened to me. I started visiting the April Rose site a couple months ago, just randomly reading and posting comments as I felt lead. I wasn't nearly as involved emotionally or otherwise as many other women in the blog community were. I was traveling the weekend everything hit the fan, and when I came back all I saw was her own post about the hate mail she was getting, etc. I was very confused, posted a comment to her that I'm sorry she was getting so much hate, assuming it had something to do with the birth of her baby... so I was very grateful to MckMama's posts also in the sense that it was the first I'd heard of what really happened! Reading the Tribune article also clarified some things for me as otherwise I'd been very confused, having missed all the posts and what not over that 5 day period while I was away.}

The only reason I bring it up is this... I want to make a pledge to you, my dear readers. Many of you are friends IRL or family, so you know me and you know that this is really my story, my real life, nothing fictious about it whatsoever.

I pledge to the rest of you that all of this is true. I pledge to bring honor and glory to the name of Jesus Christ through what I say and do here. I am not here to seek any fame or wealth on this earth, but to only share my story and help point you to the only One who helps me get through each day... my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I vow that I will not be dishonoring, disloyal, or untrustworthy. I appreciate all of you so much and value your friendship. I'm not here for any money, fame, popularity, or anything like that. I'm here for self growth, sharing my story in hopes that it can help others, to meet new people and learn from their stories, and to honor God. If ever you question something that I say, ask me. I want us to grow in this journey together.

I mean nothing personal against the individual who made those fictious stories many of us took to heart and believed. If you read MckMama's posts, you know that person is mentally ill and is getting help now. But I wanted to clarify that this is not a personal attack on her at all, and that I pray for her every day. I was very sad to learn of everything that happened and my heart goes out to her and her loved ones.

Feel free to ask me general questions about this, but I won't be giving out any specifics about the story beyond what you see on MckMama's blog. I use this only as a jumping point for me to say...

I promise, this is all very real.

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