Monday, August 10, 2009

What Fibromyalgia Feels Like to Me Today

Like I've been run over 10 times over by a Mack truck.

But also like God loves me so much and I can see his hand of protection on me. And I am thankful.


Vikki G said...

last week I had a horrible week....So I ask right now that the Lord would meet you right where you are...Lord I pray that you lift up my dear sister in Christ~ That you would give her the fortitude to walk through this difficult time in her life...that you would give her a time of rest from the pain that she is in heavenly Father. Bless me dear sister and give her the grace to get through...give her dear husband the knowledge to know how to best help her and give her friends to surround her with your love. Amen!

Rochelle said...

aw Vikki, you made me cry! ;) thanks for being so genuinely sweet. and it's so great to know others are out there like me struggling too and know how just to be encouraging. you are so great! i pray for the Lord's hand upon you as well! blessings right back at ya!