Friday, November 20, 2009

Full Update 'Round These Parts

Not much to say right now in this area. Working out continues to go well and yes, it's helping. The energy I get from it is a real boost, and very helpful in making the pain seem less or feel less or... something! :) Although, I did push myself today and I'm reallyyyy feeling the pain. 4 Ibuprofen later and it isn't making a dent. But I'll manage.

My mom and stepdad are here for the weekend. It's the first one in a long time where I have nothing planned. It could get interesting. They are very go, go, go people so who knows how this is gonna turn out. Today was crazy & exhausting, but really good. {More on it later, I'm too tired right now.}

Yesterday I went with Monica to take baby Parker to get 2 more vaccinations. It was my first time witnessing that. And. oh. my. word. My heart broke. I was happy to be there for her when she needed me, and it was a learning experience for me, but wow, it was so hard! And you all know I love that kid as if he's my own flesh & blood! Wowsers.
Found out my coworker's sister DID NOT, I remember DID NOT, die from H1N1. They did an autopsy and found it was another cause. My coworker was in a rush when telling me so I didn't ask for more details like what it really was, but I do now know that it wasn't that. Whew. {Still obviously very sad about her sudden death, but it's a relief to know it wasn't from that virus.}

God was really teaching me some things yesterday. In multiple ways throughout the day, God reminded me to be grateful for what I have, instead of ever wishing I had anything else. It was incredible the way he kept pouring that into my heart time and time again yesterday. Thank you Lord!

And I picked my car up last night after work, and it was so nice to have my car back. Despite the differences. Despite enjoying living in luxury for two days. It's still nice to go back to normal. And oh man, am I ever glad to no longer see a stupid check engine light on! If that thing never comes on again, I will be thrilled!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend!!

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blueviolet said...

I freak out when those lights come on! I feel like the car could explode at any minute if I don't fix it immediately.