Saturday, January 16, 2010

Churches Helping Churches

My pastor (James MacDonald, Harvest Bible Chapel) and Pastor Mark Driscoll (Mars Hill Church, Seattle) have teamed up to create an organization called Churches Helping Churches.

What a great concept! I can't believe it hadn't been developed before. They are specifically both struggling with what to do regarding Haiti. They are aware of the way the earthquake also devastated the churches there. While everyone does need help in Haiti, they especially feel a burden for the church. They are going on a trip this week to Haiti, taking along a film & photography crew to come back and help show us what they find... getting the church fired up to help other churches in Haiti.

I'm so excited they're doing this! I have such deep respect for both men, and it's neat to see them working together on something so big like this. I look forward to seeing what comes of it... oh the lives that will be touched, those that will come to know Jesus through this, and the ways God will be glorified!

May God continue to watch over and be with the people of Haiti, may He bless the relief efforts, and may He bless this ministry as it reaches out to other churches. Now, go check it out, please!

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