Thursday, January 7, 2010

Doctor & Fibro Update

Today I visited my regular doctor again. This wasn't Fibro-related, it was actually workout related. A few weeks ago at my last workout, I started feeling a bit faint/weak a few minutes into my workout. My nutritionist was pretty sure it was due to my lack of carbs and water that day, but they wanted me to get checked out by my doctor just in case.

My doc confirmed I don't have diabetes. We chatted for a bit and I think we put a good plan together for monitoring the situation. {Mostly me paying more attention to snacking with carbs & protein 60 minutes before I workout.}

We also reviewed some of my medications. We're going to lower my Elavil/Amitriptyline pill {pain med}. I needed to go back up on my blood pressure med, at least til it gets more under control. I tried lowering it, but it was done while I had my exercising break... and the exercising is part of what had gotten it under control. So I got a new refill on that. She checked on my cold symptoms and all is well with that.

So there's not a whole lot to say in that regard, but it's good to have it behind me and know that I'm okay!


Fibro wise I haven't been doing so great. And I know without a doubt it's due to my lack of exercise. It amazes me to figure that out, but it's definitely true. I've been more active and I'm continuing to try to get back to the gym, but it's been a crazy couple of months!

I really look forward to starting back into my regular routine next week. It'll be the first full week of work I've had in 3 weeks, and the first full exercise routine I've had in a month and a half at least. And I'm ready to get back into it!

The pain levels are through the roof. I'm exhausted and feeling really at my wits end. But also not as bad as before I got more in shape and got more active. My emotional state is in a bit of turmoil too... but I think some of that is a bit of depression, in part from really missing my family.

Hopefully things will turn back around very soon! Now for this crazy, but exciting, wedding weekend!

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