Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Random Facts About Me

I never put CD's or movies back in the right cases.

I started a Fibromyalgia blog and rarely have anything to say about it. I'm sure you've figured that one out, lol.

I have an unusually large neck and head. You wouldn't guess it until attempting to put on a necklace or a headband. But it's true.

I grew up in a home where we were only allowed to listen to Christian music. I still love it and prefer it (although I've gone from contemporary to more alternative), but occasionally a girl needs a bit of upbeat stuff you can't find in Christian music. My latest favorite? The Hampster Dance Techno Remix [Kid Jams CD, Radio Disney] used on both movies Are We There Yet? and G-Force. So fun!

{{Okay, big brother, bring on the teasing and torturing... I know it's coming... ;) But hey, at least I don't listen to horrible country! Bleh.}}

That's right. I grew up in the country. And I absolutely cannot stand country music. Love the peeps who listen to it. Can't stand it myself. So whiney and depressing.

I grew up wanting to be a writer. Now I'm an editor and work for a publisher. Go figure.

I'm messy.

I like to decorate my house in neutral colors and solid patterns. I am not a flowery, cheesy gal.

My favorite Scripture verse is Isaiah 41:10.

My favorite saying is from our pastor "Choose to sin, choose to suffer."

I hate mornings. No, really. HATE. There's just nothing good about them. My brother is the same way. We were raised mostly by our mother who is the most energetic morning person I know. We did not get her genes. I'd much rather stay up late than get up early. I do what I have to, but let's just say I should have been in bed an hour ago... not a good habit for this Fibro gal...

Good night friends!

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Stephanie said...

Really enjoying these!!