Thursday, March 10, 2011

What Fibro Is Like For Me

Some people ask me to be more specific with the symptoms I struggle with. So without further ado, here's my reality:

- constant pain
- sometimes crushing, sometimes just frustrating fatigue
- muscle spasms or tightening
- locking of the joints
- dizziness
- eye twitching
- random nausea
- sleep disturbances
- temperature sensitivity
- food sensitivity {mostly to spices and foul smells}
- flush easily
- skin so dry it's excruciating no matter the amount of lotion I use
- top of head tingling
- sunlight sensitivity
- acid reflux
- irritable bowl syndrome
- costochondritis {chest cavity wall pain}
- anxiety
- difficulty concentrating
- occasional depression
- headaches sometimes several times a week
- numbness & tingling in my feet & hands
- sensitive nerves in my fingertips
- stiffness {especially in the winter... God bless the invention of elevators!}
- "Fibro fog" {memory recall issues; being in the middle of a sentence and suddenly going blank}
- ear sensitivities with popping, ringing, and cracking
- jaw problems {could be TJDS}


Realize that these things ebb and flow. It's not like I have them full-blast 100% of the time. Yes there are miserable days, but I have so many good days too, of which I am very thankful.

I hope you can walk away from this just having a better sense of the realities of something like Fibro, and a better insight into my life, but that it's not something I'm complaining about. For educational purposes only. :)


Marti said...

Have you gotten a food sensitivity test done? It is very, very important that you avoid foods that you are allergic or sensitive to. When you eat foods you are allergic to, it sets off your immune system into attach mode. You need your immune system to be fighting off the infections, not food. If it is busy fighting off food, it cannot use that energy to fight off the Lyme. You may be sensitive/allergic to food that you are not seeing a reaction to. If you choose to get a test, Do Not get the back-scratch test, get the LEAP test or the skin-patch test. These are more accurate. I was sensitive to over 30 foods and additives. You may already be aware of this, but I thought I might pass on some knowledge that I have learned through my journey.

Rochelle said...

Thanks Marti, I appreciate the input! I haven't had one done. I guess I got tired of all the poking & prodding. :( But you make a good point, thanks! I really should look into that.

Caleb said...


I came across your blog while looking up something on trust. I suffered with fibromyalgia for most of my life until giving up processed foods.

I can still eat just about any kind of food, but have to make sure it is made with unprocessed ingredients. For example sugar is great but has to be raw, and white flour is acceptable but must be naturally white not bleached. If I get back on processed foods for even a few days my symptoms return.

I just thought I'd mention it. I'm glad you are not letting fibromyalgia take complete control of your perspective on life and pray that one day God will give you a way to be free from it as He has me.