Friday, April 8, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Tim's birthday present from his brother Paul and his mom is for Paul {who is a general contractor} to remodel much of our basement room for us. This is a room that flooded and gave us a bit of a mildew/mold issue this past summer.

Not long after we moved things out of there, Tim tore out all of the wood paneling and the drop ceiling that came with it {it was kind of attached to the paneling}. It's sat empty since then as we haven't had much of a chance to do anything with it {and just felt too overwhelmed to know what to do with it}. Paul called me last week and offered this wonderful gift and I've been working with him since then to have him sneak in and work on it while we've been at work. He's been working away the past two days, and mostly just redid the electrical and put in lights {it was horrible wiring, not grounded outlets, a switch at the top of the stairs that controlled the lights and the it took lots of time and rerouting wires, etc}. And all of that work has just been such a huge blessing already!!! Just having the light switch as you walk into the room instead of at the top of the stairs is amazing. And to have 6 canned lights instead of one little bulb is super. {And the "whoaaa!" and look on Tim's face Wed night when he came home was. absolutely. priceless.}

There's much more to be done, but it's coming along quite nicely, and we are so thrilled! What a great gift!

Have a Fabulous Friday friends!! :)

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