Thursday, September 8, 2011

Away with Summer

This past weekend was considered to be the big farewell to Summer weekend, but for me, Summer went away a couple weeks ago.

When I start seeing school buses, passing through the school zones at a slower speed, getting stuck in way more traffic, and seeing the daylight hours lessening rapidly... I know summer is over.

I feel like I did my best to soak in every ounce of this Summer that I possibly could, given how hot it was. So I don't feel this time like it unfairly zoomed by. While I don't like Summer when it's super hot, I do like the amount of daylight, lighter traffic, flip flops, tank tops, shorts/skirts, excuses to BBQ, chances to enjoy local riverfronts, and so on.

Now it's at that point in the year though where we just know it's going to go up to 90 one day and down to 40 the next. I'm hoping that's not the case, I loveeeee the gradual decline in temps {really, a good month in the 60's would make me super delighted!!}. But thankfully this has been one beauuuuutiful week!!

I am truly super excited for Fall {despite the flare-up in my allergies and the dread of Winter that comes along after it} and the temps that come with it, the gentle breeze, the beauty of the leaves, the pumpkins, the apple-picking and yummy baking, occasional campfires and S'mores, and the feeling of freedom that comes with it.

Ahhhhh, sweet, sweet Fall, how you excite me!!!!

Are you ready for Fall, or are you wishing Summer would stick around a bit longer?

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blueviolet said...

I absolutely love the fall, but we don't get it like you do. I miss the colors! Thankfully I'll get to see some of it when I go for the wedding next month. :)