Friday, September 9, 2011

Fabulous Friday

thankful for amazing coworkers

blessing our president's wife with a luncheon/shower in her honor

sweet time with terrific women of God

joy & elation & love shared for our company & its purposes in spreading the gospel around the world

laughter with many coworkers across oodles of food

wonderful, precious time alone with buddy Parker while his parents get a chance to go out

quiet time with hubster while we sit outside our normal, in someone else's house where we are comfortable, and get to hang out - it's like 2 couples getting to have a date all in 1! love it. 

after conversation comes Tim catching up with his 'quota' for playing Angry Birds for the day on his phone

while i do this:

absolutely blown away by this book. definitely highly recommended! it's the life-altering, longing-to-have-a-deeper-faith-than-I-ever-thought-possible kind of book!

overall, a joyful, tremendous, blessed, fabulous friday!!!

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Rachel Jones said...

So glad you had a great Friday!!