Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random Things About Me

Just for total fun :) and because I can't think of anything else quick to write about {this is a post I write constantly behind the scenes and just cut & paste a few things from it when I'm drawing a blank on interesting things to write about... ;)}:

* I love all the Hallmark Christmas movies

* I think snakeskin feels cool

* I've never tried lobster

* I have to look away from the TV whenever there are major car races and accidents

* I love monster truck races, but have developed such a sensitivity to car accidents in recent years that a few years ago at a county fair's demolition derby, I started to feel really sick to my stomach and we left early

* I'm much better at, and love, organizing other people's houses and lives rather than my own

* I hate crust - on pies, bread, most pizza, or pop-tarts

* I have permanent braces on my bottom back teeth

* I grew up having the only bedroom on the 2nd floor of a very old farmhouse with a tin roof, making lightning storms especially frightening

* I grew up traveling across all 48 continuous states for 2 weeks camping every summer; mom's goal is to get us to Alaska in 2014 and Hawaii in 2020

* I've never drank an ounce of alcohol or touched a cigarette {but yes I have other issues; this is in no way a judgmental statement so please don't take it that way!}

* A favorite pastime growing up was playing in the hay barn - now I have horrible allergies, and a severe one to hay, go figure

* I grew up with a couple of cats {one at a time}, loved cats, and now find them irritating {and am, yes, really allergic to them}

* I love horses and most dogs

* A dream home for me would be a log cabin with a wraparound porch to see the sunrise and the sunset over the fields, on a lakeside with a large white fence surrounding a horse barn with at least two weeping willows over a bench next to the lake

* I've gone shooting in an open field with my dad & brother, and loved it

* We loved playing capture the flag in the woods growing up or wading in the creek

* I've always had wayyyyy more shoes than I wear {although I did finally organized them recently and donated a bunch to Haiti and Good Will}

* I don't care about matching jewelry - I have a gold ring and a silver watch, who cares

* I'm about the least fashion-minded person I know - I have probably 10 shirts in the same style and I don't care... once I find something that works for my body type & I feel comfortable in, I have a hard time going to anything else

* While I don't mind trying new things, once I find a favorite at a restaurant {even if it's the first thing I tried}, because I love it so much, it's hard for me to try anything else there

* I have anxiety issues and panic attacks totally at random, even in situations that I tend to feel comfortable in, it can often take me by surprise {praise God for medicine or I'm sure I'd have had multiple hospital visits by now!}

* I'm extremely temperature sensitive, and get anxious even about things like going to get pedicures because inevitably the water is too hot, they use hot lotion & hot towels, urggg, not relaxing for someone like me so I've finally learned to be vocal so I can enjoy it! {New location the last time & loved it! I have to pay a little more for the service I have to get, but it's worth it to me to not be freaking out.}

* Despite that I can't do it often with the Fibro, my favorite form of exercise is cardio kickboxing

* My favorite type of book is fiction, and this year I've read every excellent Christian living book I could get my hands on and haven't touched a single fiction book... until recently after watching the movie, I borrowed the book The Help from a friend

* My recent music purchase is Switchfoot's greatest hits

* I cannot have bangs, they drive me batty

* I can stay up late but hate getting up in the morning - like yesterday we stayed up until 2 a.m. and I got up at 11:30 a.m. Ahhhh. {Hence why I'm still awake right now... good thing I'm off work tomorrow, booyah!}


blueviolet said...

I wouldn't want a log cabin, but I wouldn't mind a wraparound porch!

I love Hallmark movies too!

don and sara said...

fun info! thanks for sharing!