Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Review of the New Album "Believer" from Kutless

I am in love

As you know, I'm a bit of an entertainment & music junkie, plus I work in the publishing industry. I love this stuff.

The new Kutless album, Believer, is probably one of my favorite albums I've heard in a long time. Possibly ever.

I still haven't reviewed on here the latest and last album from the David Crowder Band {my favorite group} because a) I'm still in denial that they are actually over, and b) I'm still figuring out how I feel about that album. I can't quite put my finger on it but I both like it and really don't. Perhaps more on that later....

Anyway, I really, really love this new album from Kutless!!

My husband is more in love with Kutless than I am since so much of their stuff tends to be rocky or a bit screamy.

However, their last 2 albums have been amazing. The last one, It Is Well, was their 2nd worship album. I really like it, but something about their latest album just puts me over the edge.

The music is typical Kutless-sounding, but with a different vibe to it. It's less intense and rocky, but also still very much edgy and catchy. Hence why I like it so much. I listen to a ridiculously wide range of music {except country, much to my brother's chagrin}, including the latest pop and rock {much to my husband's chagrin}. So I really love that it falls outside of the typical contemporary Christian music circles. Not that there's anything wrong with those, but it's not my personal favorite. This album is not stuffy, dry, or filled with the same-old lyrics. The tunes are upbeat and help keep me jazzed up on my long commute. I do also appreciate that this is without the screaming that has often been a part of Kutless's earlier albums.

I think it's safe to say Kutless is really finding their voice, their way in the industry. And making themselves known as they help make their God more known.

My favorites on this album are "Even If" and "Identity", but some of my least favorite ones have grown on me more and more as I've listened to the album over and over. They're the kind of meaningful songs that stick with you, without being annoying.

The song that impacts me the most: Even If
The song that challenges me the most: Hero
The song I relate with the best: Identity
The song that gets me jamming and makes me think: If It Ends Today
The song that makes me think its a hymn (which I love!): Carry Me to the Cross
The song that resonates with me: Believer

And every other song on there is just as good, just without a specific descriptor off the top of my head at 9:30 at night!!

Carry Me to the Cross is the only song I'd heard prior to the album's release and I heard it here:

Admittedly, at least when he's not screaming, I'm a sucker for the vocals of lead singer Jon Micah Sumerall. His voice gives me chills. {I mean that in the best possible, not weird way!}

I've also followed Kutless a bit more over the past couple of years with their Compassion trips, Twitter updates, etc, and I'm constantly impressed by their humbleness, love of God, and desire to share the gospel with their music.

They are an incredible group of godly men using their talents to bring honor to His name! Love it! Love them. Love their latest album. Love the way they are seeking after God.

Get Believer from iTunes now on sale starting at just $7.99!! 

Follow Kutless on Facebook, Twitter (band members here, here, here, here, and here), or visit their website.

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