Tuesday, January 21, 2014

7 Months

Loves standing in his Exersaucer. Granted, only for about 10 minutes, but still!
Sits up well on his own now, with some toppling over here and there
Eating baby food - so far he's had lots of rice cereal, some peas, squash, and green beans
No longer using a pacifier.
Can sleep without a sleep sack or swaddler now.
Forgot his sound machine on our Christmas trip and he slept just fine without it. We have a good sleeper on our hands! {Except when he's sick.}
Loves mirrors now and gets giggly and excited to see himself. Even more so when it's a camera or if we replay a video of himself. He loves it!
Loves music - I regularly sing to him, we sing before bed every night, and his favorite toys are the ones that play music.
Enjoys hiding and peek-a-boo games

Smiles a lot, but not when we try really hard like with the camera {so pardon the blur up top but it was the only smiley one I caught!}
We've done some sign language around him, but the main one we use consistently is "up", though we change the sign slightly and just use both thumbs pointing upward. Now whenever we say that and do the sign, he has started reaching for us!! It's so neat to see him reacting to things like this.

He opens his mouth once you pop the lid off the bottle and sometimes bats his arms around. He knows it's coming and you'd better hurry up. If you pull the bottle even slightly out he will move his head forward to get the bottle entirely in his mouth.

Wants to especially eat anything electronic or books
Turns to face the TV if it's on and he's near it, especially Wheel of Fortune. It's become his and his daddy's "show". Our friend Julie swung by the other night and Elijah was hanging out in his Exersaucer with the upper half of his body turned at the TV trying to watch this show. So funny - Julie got quite a kick out of it too. We try to avoid his exposure to TV somewhat {we are not great at this, but we're trying!} but this just cracks us up.

Always needs to move one arm around, especially when eating. He typically bats around whichever arm isn't next to you. It's funny until he uses it to reach up and grab your face or suddenly smack your eye.
Grabbing and gripping items so well now, I love watching him progress with this, including putting a sippy cup up to his mouth {nothing really in it, just letting him get the feel for it}.

Stays on his tummy really well for long periods now, until he rolls. And then sometimes rolls, rolls, rolls, and rolls some more. Sometimes until he's partially under the couch. Our little dust bunny. :)
He loves stretching up his neck to where he tries to see over the crib when we come into the room. Sometimes to the point where he puts his head far enough back that he flips over. It still surprises him.
When we come into the room to get him, he hears our voice or sees our face and will just flap his arms and legs around in sheer excitement. Brings so much delight to our hearts!

Trying to scooch forward by grabbing blankets or whatever he's on to move forward, especially if he sees a toy in front of him.
Loves looking outside and if he's up against your shoulder he'll lean back and smack his arms around in excitement {hold on tight!}
Pulls at his eyes a lot like he's trying to pop his eyeball out :(
Has beautiful long eyelashes and gorgeous blue eyes
His hair is finally growing in more over the bald spot in the back {when he was on his back a decent amount; now he sleeps on his side or tummy even though we put him down on his back}. His hair is really lightening and in certain lights there's almost a red tint.
He has thick thighs and is stronger than he knows! Especially during diaper changes. Oy vey.
He also has a big head and fits in 9 month clothes the best. Some 6-9 month clothes just don't fit anymore around the thighs or head.
Can be in a big boy stroller now! {In the picture below we are testing it out at home first to make sure he does well in it. Good thing too because a wheel popped off and Tim had to fix it later! Also, yep, he's chewing on the strap.} 

Gets really excited when we pull up FaceTime with Grandma
If I'm upset he stares at me wide-eyed like he's looking deep into my soul, consoling me. If I'm crying, he'll lay up against me and one time recently when I was a sobbing hot-mess, he also then leaned back and gave me a big smile once I'd calmed down. **swoon**
{Thank you so much Walgreens for making me cry harder than I have in a very long time. Messing with my son's medicine and making it a very aggravating situation does not help anybody!! Grrrr.}

Still squeezes his hands and feet tightly shut.
Can maneuver his arms out of his sleeper.
Grunts a lot and it's turned into a bit of an annoying whine lately
Intrigued by feet and socks - his or mine. If nothing else will do I'll dance my feet around in front of him and he will calm down.
Turns and watches well now as you walk around
Grabs his toes and puts them in his mouth, especially when on the changing table

Loves his daycare. He smiles and gets excited seeing the teacher every morning, especially when he's been gone a little bit and she claps & cheers. The kids get along great, and he has another boy that was born 2 days before him at the same hospital and they were together in the NICU for a time {we didn't know each other then} and they seem to really have fun together. I'm so thankful for this little family-away-from-home!

Gnaws on everything he can. He has 3 teeth in and you can see the whites of 2 more teeth peeking through. Visit and keep your fingers to yourself or he will chomp down! Below he is trying to get his 7-month sticker so he can chomp on it.

Growing like crazy!! Love you little man!

Other parents: we realize some of this might be all babies or similar to your baby, but thank you for letting us revel in our son and all these fun things we are seeing in him that make him special! :)

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georgia b. said...

i'm so glad you are putting photos on here, since i'm not on facebook and can't see this little peanut all the time. love him to pieces... want to squeeze those precious cheeks!