Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Feeling the Pain of People We Don't Know

I wrote a few days ago about the Chapman family tragedy that hit a year ago, and how hard we feel the pain of people we feel like we kind of know even though we don't really know them personally.

In case you didn't watch the season premiere yet and plan to, I will word this carefully so as to not give anything away....

I'm feeling nearly the same intensity of pain at the difficulties going on with Jon & Kate Gosselin, from TLC's Jon & Kate plus 8. I know that it's really none of our business, and yet the media seems to make it our business. I feel so deeply for them personally, ache for them, and pray for them. I hope that everything works out between them, they're able to seek good wisdom & counsel, and that they'll put their individual desires aside for the sake of their kids & their marriage.

I guess I just wanted to share how personally I take everything, and how sincerely bummed I was yesterday watching the season premiere. I wanted to cry and throw a couple things I prayed for them right there. I cannot imagine what they are going through. I'm seriously one of those who only buy's People with the goal of finding people I can pray for, feel compassion for, and wonder how they're dealing with all that media circus. I know that means I am contributing to the problem, so why can't I help myself? I don't buy it regularly so hopefully that helps.

Do you find yourself also taking these types of things so personally, or am I just really a crazy psycho who just can't help feeling so badly for everyone....???

Okay seriously, don't leave me hanging!


Future of Hope said...

Oh, I am so with you on this one! I told Nat that was the first episode of their show that I was sad to watch! We both talked about the changes in their "on air" appearances over the past year or so; no more Scripture verses posted around the house; many more negative comments about/toward each other.
Then last night we watched the Duggar family remembering their late father/grandfather. What a blessing to see how they grieved with the hope that comes through Christ alone. I truly hope that we can once again see a glimpse of faith in Jon and Kate that is so clear in her book and was once displayed on their show.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Rochelle!

Rochelle said...

Thanks Erin! I'm glad I'm not the only one! Yeah, it is so sad to see, and my heart goes out to them. I'm sure it's super hard to be in the limelight, but to lose your faith in all of that is sooo sad. Let's keep lifting them up to the only One who can remedy the situation! :)

Blessings Erin!