Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

I'm getting this out a bit late, but I wanted to say Happy Memorial Day! I hope you are enjoying a nice, relaxing holiday...

I am trying to recoup from a mildly busy weekend. Today we went to the cemetery to remember the fallen, and spent 1 1/2 hours standing on concrete. I'm in ridiculous amounts of pain and my tailbone is especially flaring. But it was really good and I'm glad that we went. We just know for next year what to expect, how early to arrive, where to park, and to bring our lawn chairs. Doh!! There was seating there, but it was limited and taken already.

Thursday night I leave on a 4-day vacation to my hometown. I am so excited... looking forward to special time with my mom, sister-in-law, nieces, brother, dad, Grandpa, aunts/uncles, and some cousins. I simply can't wait! Tim will be staying here, so I'm trying to pack, plan ahead for Tim's meals, figure out my schedule on vacation, think through what's coming up this week at work, etc. So, it's going to be a full, but good week. I'm not sure I'll get on much to post, but I sure do appreciate your prayers for my body as I attempt to handle this vacation. I planned an extra day off work afterward, expecting my body to have a meltdown upon my return next Monday night.

Edited to add: My deepest appreciation goes out to all the men and women who have served our country, are currently serving, or have a loved one in the military. I deeply appreciate your sacrifice and service to our country and your defense of our freedoms and safety. I don't want to get into any debate here or anything like that about whether or not I agree with the war, etc, I simply want to say thank you to all those affected. I have a cousin who is in the armed forces and he and his wife have sacrificed a lot. I'm very thankful he was able to return from Iraq within mere days or so of the birth of their first child, an adorable little boy who is now 1 year old. I'm so proud of them and of all those who serve. Thank you to all, and our prayers are with you! Our prayers are also with President Obama as he serves our country as Commander in Chief. God bless America!! I'm so thankful for our country!

My best to all of you,

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