Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things I Like Tuesday

It's hard to believe it's already Tuesday again! Yipes! I'm starting to run low on ideas.

1. I love football season and that it's coming upon us. I hate that it overlaps with baseball so I like to egg on hubster about it and how ridiculous I think it is, but really I love cheering on the Bears, yelling at the tv with hubster, falling asleep to it on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and gawking at how crammed our early Sunday morning church services get during football season. I do hate that football season means we're getting too close to winter, which I'm dreading, but otherwise I'm excited.

2. I love carbs. Let's be honest, I'm no skinny chick. I want my bread, pasta, rice [yes all of which are WHITE, yes WHITE, that's the only case in which they still taste like food and not cardboard... ahem], and did I mention bread...? But alas, I'm trying to overcome those things and remember that God will take care of all my needs and I just need to give my lifestyle fully over to him. I want to do better in this area... but it is soooo hard! I love carbs. Oh, I said that already. {sigh}

3. I like organizing. I never really do it often in my own home, but I sure love watching or helping other people do it, hearing about their experience, etc. That's why I love I'm an Organizing Junkie so much! And my new blogging dear friend Kayren recently redid her pantry, LOVE IT!!

4. I like watching other people succeed in first-time attempts at craft projects. I hope to be able to do it someday too! [I like watching/learning about it also when they don't necessarily turn out successfully, but so far you guys are awesome and I have a longggg way too go!! Or does it mean you just don't blog your goof-ups? Hmmm...]

5. I'm starting to simply love this place: Lifetime Fitness. Oh yeah babe [said in an Emeril-style voice]!! Hands down the best workout place I've ever EVER been to!

Happy Tuesday! Now with my lunch hour almost over, my carb-infested bagel, ham, and cheese sandwich and peaches on the side lunch is almost done, I best get back to editing our academic & pastoral resources catalog. Bring on the fun! :)

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