Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Year Ago Today, Anniversary of a Tragedy

I'm reflecting on the tragedy one year ago today, when Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman's family lost their dear little girl, Maria. I deeply ache for them and cannot imagine what such a loss must feel like. I have always loved Steven's music and feel so connected to this amazing family through all of his great songs, interviews, and testimony.

My post 1 year ago today

Here are some updates today from around the Steven Curtis Chapman blog network:

Steven's manager

Steven's assistant

Steven's wife

I simply adore his wife, Mary Beth, who has so openly shared the tragedy with us. She is more real than anyone I know and it has just been simply amazing to watch and hear what's going on in their lives. There are good days and bad days, just like all of us humans face. I hate it when people like that are put on some sort of pedestal like they aren't allowed to feel and process things the same way the rest of us do. I so deeply appreciate her realness and honesty, and the fact that she's done so on the worldwide web!!

To all of the Chapman family and close friends: we have all continued to pray for you and feel your pain through Steven's music and the interviews you've had since Maria's death. We continue to lift you up to the One who knows your pain so deeply and is carrying you through these dark days. We continue to pray for God's grip to remain on Will Franklin's heart and spirit... that he will give Will the strength to carry on and not lose the faith. It still amazes me what you all have dealt with so bravely, so strongly, and so faithfully.

And to Mary Beth: behind the scenes I have cried with you, sent you hugs from afar, wished I could just sit down and share stories with you and hear you talk about Maria face-to-face... and while I obviously understand that will never happen, I just want you to have a deep sense of just how much we all care, even when we don't know you personally. We can only imagine what this heartache must be like every day. I feel so connected to you because of your blog with your sweet sense of humor, godliness, and frank-ness. You inspire me to keep pressing on through my own life's difficulties, remind me that this too shall pass, and that there is always more to life here on earth... looking toward that glorious day when we shall see Jesus face-to-face, and get to witness you walking hand-in-hand with your precious girl Maria.

We miss her too. I can only imagine her giggles every time I hear my own 5 year old niece laugh or talk up a storm. She too only accepted Jesus one year ago. I cannot imagine losing one so sweet and innocent like that. I weep for you as only an aunt without children can... thinking just how much I can't imagine life without ones like that.

God be with you and continue to hold you up during this time. I heard a quote recently that I'd like to share with you...

"We often ask for easier paths when we should ask for stronger shoes."

I think you have done this well... with grace, dignity, humility, and sacrifice. Keep pressing on.

Your Sister in Christ,


thankfulndw said...

I got to your blog from MBC's--I can relate to everything you wrote--amazing how our hearts can truly ACHE for someone we don't know personally. I noticed your information about Fibro--put your blog as a 'favorite' so I can come back and read more later. I figured out that it was fibro in Dec. after many tests, doctors, and trying to figure out what was going on with my weird body. Learning a lot this year about it. Look forward to reading your story. Nancy

Rochelle said...

Nancy, thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate it! It always amazes me how many people we run into now who have Fibro or who knows someone who does, and prior to my symptoms, I'd never even heard of it! It's great to have a name to put with your symptoms now, huh? I know what that feels like! Although it can also be quite overwhelming, lonely, frustrating, confusing, and depressing especially as you mourn your old self and face up to the reality that your life will never be the same again. I know those feelings....

Please do come back. I'm here for you whenever you need to hear encouragement or just need to chat with someone else who is fairly freshly traveling the Fibro road too. Thanks for coming over from Mary Beth's blog; it's nice to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you better too. Blessings!